The Advantages of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a practical choice for covering a gap left by missing teeth. A well-designed denture can improve esthetics and quality of life and keep the integrity of the dental arch. Without a denture or any form of tooth replacement, the empty gap can trigger a domino effect. 

Your teeth can start to shift, the top tooth can drift down, and other teeth can start leaning into the gap. When you don’t have well-aligned teeth, there is a lack of proper stress distribution, which forces the teeth to get over-stressed and overworked.

Not sure if partial dentures are right for you? At Parthenia Family Dental we offer multiple options for those who have missing teeth. Such as getting partial dentures, dental implants, fixed bridges, etc. But, one of the most common questions we get is what makes partial dentures stand out. Here are the perks of partial dentures.

Affordable Up-Front Cost

If you need to replace 3 or more missing teeth, partial dentures are the most cost-effective option. The cost will vary depending on the product you get and the number of teeth gaps you have. For example, cast metal partial dentures are more expensive than plastic.

Quick Adjustment Period

Partial dentures are ideal for individuals who have difficulty adapting to new teeth. In a couple of days to weeks, you should be comfortable enough wearing them.

Good Investment

If you need a more permanent solution, then fixed partial dentures can be a viable choice. They stay in the mouth at all times, so there is no need for you to remove them.

They Are Minimally Invasive

There is no need for a surgical procedure to get partial dentures.

They Keep the Jaw Esthetics & Structure

Partial dentures use arms called clasps that wrap around the tooth to remain in place. They can also be attached to a plastic or metal frame specifically designed to fill the empty area and offer a solid grip. This set of artificial teeth looks natural and helps you chew and talk with ease, improving your overall oral health. These are simple solutions for regaining self-confidence and proper dental function.

Anyone can lose a tooth, but it is up to you to give your teeth the treatment they need. Partial dentures are a budget-friendly solution with a quick adjustment period. They don’t require surgery to use, and they keep your jaw in excellent shape. If you need partial dentures, book an appointment with Parthenia Family Dental today! Our expert team is always at your disposal.

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