Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Panorama City

Dental implants offer an effective option to restore the function, feel, and look of your smile if you are missing one or more teeth. Unlike dentures, they are a permanent solution, meant to last for decades, and they are customized to blend in with your natural teeth.

Implants do require surgery and a long process of healing. Fortunately, at Parthenia Family Dental, we are here to guide you through this process and ensure your comfort and aesthetic results.  

Dental Implants Explained 

Dental implants are made of small titanium screws that are surgically attached to your jawbone to replace the natural tooth roots. The artificial roots serve as stabilizers to hold your new, replacement teeth in place. 

In dentistry, dental implants are considered the most effective treatment to help restore the appearance and function of your smile.

Most dental implants are made to last for 25 years or more if they are properly cared for. They should be treated just like natural teeth with daily brushing and flossing. 

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant Surgery

The first step in dental implant surgery is determining whether you need a bone graft. The jawbone deteriorates without the pressure of a tooth pushing on it and keeping it strong. In some cases, the jawbone needs to be shored up with an additional piece of bone in order to support a dental implant.

Once your jawbone is strong enough, we can proceed to the second step: placing the titanium screw. This is inserted into your jawbone and allowed to fuse with it, a process that can take several months.

The third and final step is placing the crown on top of the screw. The crown is the piece of the implant that looks like a natural tooth. It is shaped and colored to match the surrounding teeth. Once it’s installed, you will be able to chew and speak normally.

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Implants offer advantages over more temporary methods of filling the gaps left by missing teeth, like dentures and bridges. It is important to fill these gaps, because otherwise your jawbone will further deteriorate and change the shape of your face. Getting dental implants enables you to not only enjoy a sparkling smile, but also the full functionality of a set of healthy teeth.

If you’re interested in dental implants for yourself or a loved one, call the office of our Panorama City dentist today. We serve the San Fernando Valley, including Pacoima, Valley Glen, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, and surrounding cities.

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