Helpful Facts About Tooth Extractions

Sometimes, tooth extraction is the only option. Yes, it’s no walk in the park, but it is crucial to maintain dental health if a tooth poses a danger to your health. But with modern technology, tooth extraction is safer and more accessible.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused by tartar and plaque buildup. The deposits eat away the tooth enamel, making it weak. The problem can lead to an infection, causing swelling and intense pain if not addressed. If the tooth is not pulled out, it can put a person at risk.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by the buildup of plaque or tartar on teeth. The disease affects the gum tissues and bone that support the teeth. As the disease progresses, the gum and bone surrounding the tooth deteriorate, and without gum treatment provided in time, the only solution is tooth extraction.


When the jaw is too small to fit all your teeth, it can lead to overcrowding. Overcrowding makes once straight teeth crooked. A dentist can extract some teeth to create space for other teeth to spread out. 


In the event of an accident, teeth are the first casualties. Sometimes an accident can damage the tooth, or the crack affects the tooth’s root. In such cases, a tooth extraction is necessary to save your teeth. 

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Keep the Site Clean

After 12 hours, you can rinse your mouth gently with warm water. Keeping the area clean is essential to prevent infection. However, do not brush immediately after extraction to prevent dislodging the clot in the socket.

Take Medications as Directed by Your Dentist

During a tooth extraction, the dentist numbs the area to prevent pain, but as the medication wears off, you may feel some pain or discomfort. A dentist can recommend painkillers or antibiotics to prevent infections.

Eat Soft Food

After tooth extraction, eat soft foods like mashed potatoes and soup. In addition, take healthy foods and enough water. After some time, you can reintroduce hard foods into your diet, but do not chew on the side of the extraction.

After extracting the tooth, your dentist can fix the space with implants, dentures, or bridges. Nothing should prevent you from getting the best tooth extraction and dental care. Book an appointment with Parthenia Family Dental Clinic.

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