Dealing with tooth sensitivity can affect your day-to-day life, but effective treatment options are available to provide relief and restore comfort. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, our Panorama City dentist has some options you can consider.

Desensitizing Toothpaste

Desensitizing toothpaste is formulated to help alleviate tooth sensitivity by blocking nerve pathways and reducing sensitivity to hot, cold, and acidic sensations. You can look for toothpaste brands that contain ingredients such as potassium nitrate or stannous fluoride, which help desensitize the nerves in the teeth.

Fluoride Treatments

Professional fluoride treatments provided by your dentist can help strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity. Fluoride helps remineralize the enamel, making it more resistant to acid attacks and reducing sensitivity to temperature changes. Your dentist may recommend in-office fluoride treatments or prescribe fluoride-containing products for general use.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can be applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars) to protect them from decay and sensitivity. They can fill in the deep grooves and pits of the teeth, making them smoother and easier to clean, thereby reducing the risk of sensitivity and cavities.

Desensitizing Agents

In-office desensitizing treatments, such as dental bonding containing desensitizing agents, can be applied directly to the sensitive areas of the teeth. These treatments work by blocking the transmission of pain signals from the nerves to the brain, which can help reduce sensitivity.

Dental Restorations

If tooth sensitivity is caused by factors such as decay, cracks, or worn enamel, your dentist may recommend restorative treatments such as fillings, crowns, or bonding to repair and protect the affected teeth. These treatments not only alleviate sensitivity but also restore the strength and functionality of the teeth.

If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity in Panorama City, don’t let it prevent you from enjoying the best quality of life. Schedule an appointment with a trusted dentist who can evaluate your condition, identify the underlying causes of sensitivity, and recommend appropriate treatment options to address your concerns. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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